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Comfortable And Professional Fashion From Feria At Sola Boutique Ireland

February 25 2023 – Declan Clancy

Comfortable And Professional Fashion From Feria At Sola Boutique Ireland

Comfortable And Professional Fashion From Feria At Sola Boutique Ireland

I’ve always been impressed by how Ireland’s working women love to put a spin on professional wear. Never afraid to try new looks in the workplace and confident in the knowledge that the right outfit can be empowering. It’s one of the reasons I chose to bring Feria clothing to Sola Boutique in Bantry.

Feria makes clothing for women who want to feel comfortable but look professional at the same time. They describe themselves as a fashion brand that likes to ‘break the mould’. It’s that bravery, and their unmatched style, that makes them popular in Ireland.

Clever Comfort For Professional Women

You work hard and you work long hours, why shouldn’t you be comfortable whilst you work? I think you should be and so does Feria. You might be surprised how comfortable their outfits will help you feel.

The clever thing about Feria is that they use discreet solutions to create striking looks that are a joy to wear. Outfits that are genuinely comfortable to wear all day long. Better still, Feria fashion can be easily worn for evening events too. Making it my personal go-to choice for office-to-drinks outfits.

Feria is careful about their choice of fabrics and pays close attention to how they use them. Creating silhouettes that are both modern and feminine (and thoughtfully practical too). I especially love how they use unexpected fabrics like soft, breathable, viscose to create versatile but fashionable work looks. Feria is an expert at using fabrics to their maximum potential to create both sleek and soft looks for the office.  In Feria outfits, you will look smart and put together, but be comfortable and confident too. 

It’s not just how Feria uses these fabrics that are impressive. Their choices are intentional for the end user too as Feria pieces are easy to care for and long lasting.

Rethink Your Silhouette

It is all too easy to get stuck in the habit of wearing the same type of clothes all the time. For women, this comes from the old belief that we should have a certain silhouette. For a long time, we have been told to accentuate our waists and minimise this and that. But where’s the fun in doing the same thing all the time? Let Feria bring out a new confidence in you. The confidence to try new shapes, new colours and new looks. 

Feria will challenge you to try new silhouettes and once you do, you’ll never look back. Their cuts have been created with exceptional attention to female silhouettes. This approach has led to the creation of looks that are flattering and varied. Think straight cut dresses with adjustable waists and slightly flared bottoms and pencil cuts in textured fabrics. It’s time to get ready for outfits that you will want to wear and wow in every day.

Always Look Great And Feel Great With Feria

The last three years have changed how many of us dress both for work and in our free time.  Loungewear was more popular than ever when lockdowns forced us to stay home, free of the constraints of workplace attire.

Now that we’re back working and socialising as normal, I’ve noticed that our customers value comfort more than ever.  The great news is that Feria is the perfect solution. With Feria, you don’t have to compromise looking great for feeling great - you can have it all.

From smart casual days out to being an impressive professional in the boardroom, Feria has choices to suit your needs. The versatility of Feria’s smart casual clothing choices makes them ideal for a wardrobe of ready to wear pieces. Whatever the occasion, you can rely on Feria for an outstanding look you will love.

About Feria At Sola Boutique, Bantry

Feria gained popularity in Ireland, and worldwide,  thanks to its unpretentiousness and timelessness. Feria combines minimalism with finesse and elegance with a sporty flair. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian styles and the achievements of Polish fashion. 

The brand is produced on the Vistula River in Feria’s home country of Poland. This is where the fashion brand started and where it first became recognised for its high quality. Largely due to its choice of natural materials and clever combinations of high-quality fabric with knitwear and airy materials.  

Feria draws inspiration from the strength of its city Łódź. A city famed for its history as a textile manufacturing hub. It’s no wonder that Feria produces such wonderful and clever outfits knowing that they are surrounded by such a rich fashion history.