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How To Make Your Jeans Last Longer

December 18 2020 – Sola Boutique Bantry Admin

How To Make Your Jeans Last Longer

How To Make Your Jeans Last Longer

Denim jeans are the one item that we all have in our wardrobes. Be they blue, black, stone-wash, white, high-waisted or stretch - we all love our jeans. It's understandable then that we want to make them last as long as possible. 

Some people have jean care tips that they swear by. Here are the best ones we've come across at Sola Boutique in Bantry. These tips will work for any denim you have, be it jeans, a denim jacket or dress. 

Always Wash Jeans Inside Out

Over time, the colour of our jeans fades. Especially around the well worn areas like knees. Fading colour is one of the main things that makes jeans look old. Keeping the colour lasting longer is surprisingly simple. 

Every time you wash your jeans (or any denim) turn them inside out. This protects the dye in the denim from getting the direct hit from the detergents in the machine - helping the colour last better.

Only Wash Jeans Occasionally

This is the tip that divides people. Some people swear by only washing their jeans very rarely. Even Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh has said he avoids washing his jeans. This understandably raises a few eyebrows. What about the smell? What about dirt? Well, with some careful care, you can avoid both. 

The ‘no-wash/rare wash’ camp insists that airing your jeans and spot cleaning is enough to avoid them needing a regular wash. With meticulous care between washes, you can keep jeans looking (and smelling) great.

Jeans Should Get Cold Washes

When you do get around to washing your jeans, do so on a cold wash. On most machines, this is a 20 - 30 degree wash. Better still, hand wash them with lukewarm water. Whether you choose a machine wash or hand wash approach, use bleach free detergents. 

You should always wash new jeans either on their own or with other denim clothes. The colour is more likely to run on the first wash. Avoid ruining other garments by keeping them separate. 

[Talking about washing jeans on a cold wash reminds me of a trend in the 1970s - when skinny jeans were very, very skinny! To make them extra tight, people would wear their jeans sitting in a bathtub of cold water to shrink them. Hands up if you did this or remember this.]

Air Dry Jeans

Never - not even when you’re running late - put jeans in a tumble dryer. Yes, they will dry quicker but the heat fades the colour faster too. 

Air dry your jeans every time. When jeans come out of the washing machine, stretch them and pull out any large crease. Lie them as flat as possible across a clothes airer and wait patiently. Ideally, dry your jeans outside but never in the direct sun (more fading).

If you do have to tumble dry your jeans on occasion. Stretch them out first and use the coolest setting. Keep your jeans inside out to minimise fading. 

Wear The Right Length Jeans

For anyone that likes a long length jean, keep them looking good longer with these tips. Don’t let your jeans reach the bottom of your shoe heel. If your jeans drag, even slightly, you will have unsightly torn and dirty jeans in no time. Take your jeans into your local clothes alterer and have them brought up a little. 

Do you like to switch between heels and flat shoes with your jeans? No problem. Invest in two identical pairs. Keep one long for wearing with heels and get the other pair taken up for flats. Both pairs will last longer. Meaning you replace them less often.

Alternatively, wear a belt!  Even when our jeans fit well at the waist, they can still slip and slide around. To avoid this, use a thin belt worn tightly (but not uncomfortably). Tuck the belt under the bottom of the top button of your jeans and they won’t move at all.

How To Store Jeans

Storing jeans well helps keep them looking good longer. Start by emptying the pockets. Then close the zip and buttons and smooth out the jeans. From here, you can hang or fold them, but my top tip is to roll them. Rolling your jeans keeps them crease free and saves space too!

I hope these tips are helpful. Do let me know if you try any.

Stay stylish,