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How To Survive A Fashion Emergency

October 08 2020 – Sola Boutique Bantry Admin

How To Survive A Fashion Emergency

How To Survive A Fashion Emergency

It happens to the best of us. You get dressed up. You're feeling fab. Then boom! You notice something is wrong. A button has popped off your top, there's a ladder in your tights or you notice those tell-tale white marks on your dress that only a deodorant would be cruel enough to make.

They might be small problems in the bigger scheme of things but that doesn't stop them affecting your confidence or ruining your day. Here are some of my go to tricks for surviving a fashion emergency.


How To Remove Makeup Stains

It’s a pain when you have are all dolled up and ready to go and notice a foundation or lipstick stain on your outfit. You don’t have time to wash them, so what do you do? Here’s a couple of tips or preventing and removing makeup stains.

For powder based makeup it’s as simple as using your hairdryer, on a low heat, to blow away the offending mess.

For liquid based foundation and lipstick stains always start small when trying to remove them. That way if your particular method doesn’t work you won’t have made the stain worse. Baby wipes are my secret weapon. They work magic on most make up stains.

If you have more time, then shaving foam (not gel), surgical spirits or a combination of the two can work wonders. The only downside is that they both leave a distinct smell so you will need to wash them once the stain is gone.

My ultimate tip is to prevent makeup stains on clothes is to put a towel over your shoulders when you are getting ready. Wear it like a bib and clip it at the back. Voila! No more stains.


How To Stop A Ladder In Your Tights

Now that it’s getting colder we’re layering on the opaque tights for some warmth. Black tights are a classic look but rarely come without the risk of getting a ladder in them.

As soon as you notice a ladder starting in your tights or stockings, the first thing to do is try to prevent further damage. This can be done with a quick spray of hairspray or a light coat of clear nail polish around the edge. Keep one or the other in your handbag just in case.


How To Remove Deodorant Marks From Clothes

Pesky deodorant marks!  They always seem to happen when you’re running out the door. To remove a deodorant mark fast, try a good old fashion baby wipe or a clean damp cloth. These both work wonders.

For clothes with a build up of deodorant residue, try soaking them in vinegar (clear distilled vinear not malt) for 40 minutes. After this, gently brush the area with an exfoliating glove or a toothbrush and then pop it in the wash as normal. The residue stain should disappear completely.                     


How To Un-Shrink Woollens

Ever thrown your favourite jumper in with a regular wash and have it come out looking like a childs sweater? Me too.

There are a couple of fixes for this. Firstly, everytime you wash a wooly jumper (or in fact any clothes item made from natural fibers) you should stretch it into shape again as soon as it comes out of the wash. This prevents gradual shrinkage.

The second option, for when your top is suddenly tiny, is to soak it in warm water with a large dollop of hair conditioner for 10 - 15 minutes. Drain out the water and very gently squeeze the excess water from your top. Then lay it flat on a large towel and roll it up like a swiss roll. Twist the towel to squeeze out more water. Lastly, transfer your top to a fresh towel and reshape it, stretching gently, until it is restored to it’s former glory. Always dry woolens flat.


Fashion Emergency Handbag Must Haves

The thing about fashion emergencies is that they nearly always happen at an inconvenient time. Keep these items in your handbag to be ready for any fashion fix on the go:

Baby wipes - for make up stains, dirty shoes, deodorant marks, lint removal.

Plasters - for shoes that rub and any emergency that requires sticky tape.

Clear nail varnish - to stop tights in ladders.

A safety pin or paper clip - for missing buttons.


When a fashion emergency strikes don’t let it spoil your day. Fix it the best you can with these MacGyver-esque tips, hold your head up high and have a ball!


Stay stylish,