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Keep your lifestyle to the forefront as you de clutter your wardrobe.

May 04 2020 – Sola Boutique Bantry Admin

Keep your lifestyle to the forefront as you de clutter your wardrobe.

Keep your lifestyle to the forefront as you de clutter your wardrobe.

​With time on my hands I have going to try and do a few blogs for the website. Here are my tips on de cluttering your wardrobe. I want you to keep the words ‘my lifestyle” to the forefront of your mind, and organize your wardrobe accordingly.

You couldn’t face doing this for a whole afternoon so I would say do 30 minutes each day and by the end of the week you will be all organized. Get a spare bed in your house or a clean floor space to lay out each bundle. Go through each drawer, shelf and hanging space adding each piece to one of the 6 bundles below. You may need to tweak a bundle name for your lifestyle.

Some pieces might cross over with other bundles. Just put the piece, in the bundle you would use it mostly in. Then sort each bundle into Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. When you put these pieces back, keep the Spring Summer pieces to the forefront, as that is what you are going to be wearing for the next few months. Maybe you might assign a drawer to each bundle.

For me I hang workwear, weekend wear and out out/occasion wear, with workwear been the most accessible as this is what I wear mostly, followed by weekend and then occasion wear.  Active wear and holiday wear have separate drawers.

Remember at all times keep the words my lifestyle to the forefront. 

 Bundle 1. Workwear

Do you dress formal, smart casual, wear a uniform, or is it anything goes, in the work place? Maybe you work mostly from home. Bundle these entire pieces together and have a look through them. Think how your lifestyle is going to be for the next year and how will fit these pieces into this bundle. Maybe you’re on maternity leave; your work bundle is not going to be used for a while. You might be in the frame of mind that that is not going to fit me anymore but if you liked wearing it, and it’s still in good nick keep it and you can look at this bundle with fresh eyes in 6 months’ time. Or maybe you have retired from you job so you might be able to use pieces that you had for work in a new way.

Bundle 2. Weekend wear.

Do you hang out with the kids at the weekend, catch up with friends for lunch, and go hillwalking or a combination of all three? I think it’s nice to have a few pieces at the weekend that you don’t wear to work. It helps you switch off from work. You might like to wear more casual pieces at the weekend if you dress up for work or vice a versa.

Bundle 3.  Active wear.

Are you part of a class during the week, spin, Zumba, yoga.  Or do you prefer to go for a run, walk, and a cycle?  Sometimes this bundle can be makeup of old crappy bits that we think will do for active wear, but like all clothes if they don’t fit well you never going to fully enjoy the exercise. For most of us, exercise can be tough to do each week. So it’s nice to do a good declutter in this bundle too. Go through them, you don’t need 20 leggings for yoga if you go once a week.

Bundle 4.  Out Out wear / occasion wear.

Do you like to hit the tiles every Saturday night? Or maybe a few date nights a year is what you do. It’s always nice to have a few flirty tops / dresses / good fitting trousers or a funky skirt for these occasions. I think in this bundle you can add those bits you don’t wear a lot but are always handy to have. I was doing a wardrobe de clutter for a customer recently. This lady has a vivacious personality .Under this bundle; we had to put together looks for funerals.  She said “Marie when you will be my age, this will be part of your social outings and it is great to have a few pieces at hand”. I must say we put together a really nice funky collection, keeping this person’s vibrant lifestyle in mind.  

Bundle 5 – holiday wear.

The bits we take on holidays but would never wear at home. The dress that is a little short for you, but you loves to wear on holidays. You might like to go on a few short city breaks and have the perfect jeans and tees for this kind of break. Bundle you holiday pieces together and put them on a higher shelve or bottom drawer. You don’t use them a lot but they are part of your life style.

Bundle 6.... Clothes that don’t work anymore.

We all have them , clothes that don’t fit you , clothes that don’t fit into your life style, clothes that are beyond repair ( but keep a few, as they are always good for when you put tan on or do some DIY jobs  😉). In this bundle, there will be pieces that you will never depart with and I think these are important to keep. I have the top I wore the first time I met my husband or the dress I wore when I brought home my first baby. I think it’s nice to keep things as they will transport you back to a special time or may be an heirloom someday.

So get a nice box and store them away. You don’t need them in your wardrobe full time.

Then pack up the rest; give to friends & family, a local ladies refuge centre or charity shop. It is important to give clean, good condition clothes to charity organization. Don’t give clothes that are torn or beyond repair. Pack these separately as charity shops can sell them for weight.

So there it is my wardrobe de clutter from a different view. Next time I will talk about shoes, accessories, underwear drawers.  Roman wasn’t built in a day……….
Stay stylish.