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Responsible Clothing From Thought At Sola Boutique in Bantry

March 09 2023 – Declan Clancy

Responsible Clothing From Thought At Sola Boutique in Bantry

Responsible Clothing From Thought At Sola Boutique in Bantry

Sola Boutique has been stocking Thought clothing brand for a few years and can truly say it is true to its values. I’m very proud that Sola Boutique in Bantry is the sole stockist of Thought in West Cork. This is a brand that has grown to meet its customers' requests but never lost its commitment to responsible fashion. Not an easy achievement, but one they have taken in their stride with finesse.

This is a passionate brand, committed to offering an alternative to cheap products made to be discarded. A conviction I wholeheartedly agree with. At Sola Boutique, I want our customers to be able to fill their wardrobes with looks they will wear again. Looks they love and can rely on. Which is one of the reasons we stock Thought clothing.

Responsible Clothing For Everyday Wear

Ever wonder if fashion can ever truly be responsible? Well, I’m happy to confirm that the answer is an absolute yes. Responsible clothing is simply choosing style and good design over trends, but buying better and buying less. By buying better, I mean choosing items that will last longer and are from sustainable brands like Thought.

Thought clothing has been making eco-friendly and socially responsible clothing since it started back in the 90s. Thought's sustainability commitment is evident in each product, from its use of organic cotton to its fair trade manufacturing practices.

The Thought Clothing collection is full of everyday pieces that you can wear all year long. Like soft bamboo leggings with built-in organic cotton skirts and soft jumpsuits that can be dressed up or down. They also have oh-so-soft t-shirts, dresses and accessories for women of all ages and styles. Keep an eye on our website and in-store at Sola Boutique in Bantry for our latest Thought looks.

What Is Responsible Clothing

Responsible clothing is a term that applies to both ethical fashion and sustainable fashion. Although sometimes used interchangeably, there is a difference between the two.

Ethical Fashion

The idea behind ethical fashion is that it carries out responsible practices in everything from manufacturing to distribution. This might include ensuring workers are treated fairly. Which essentially means paying them a living wage and ensuring safe working conditions (as well as providing benefits like healthcare).

It also means using materials that don't harm animals or humans. Ethical clothing brands will often use recycled materials like old plastic bottles or upcycled denim jeans made from recycled blue jeans instead of virgin cotton which requires lots of water and chemicals during farming processes.

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is a movement towards creating clothing that is designed, sourced, and produced in an environmentally responsible way. This includes using sustainably sourced materials, such as organic cotton, hemp and other natural fibres. Also utilising methods that reduce energy use and waste and designing clothes for longevity.

Sustainable fashion also encourages the use of renewable energy sources during production and the supply chain. By taking these steps towards sustainability, fashion companies can create more sustainable products with less of an environmental impact.

From the consumer side, sustainable fashion is the conscious choice to buy clothing that has minimal impact on the environment. This goes for, not only buying clothes but disposing of them too. Clothes can also be disposed of in environmentally responsible ways like recycling or donating.

Responsible fashion is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint whilst shopping for clothes that you love.

The Benefits Of Responsible Fashion

Responsible fashion comes with a number of benefits, both for consumers and the environment.

● Firstly, it helps reduce resource consumption and waste,
● Reduces clothes waste by incorporating recyclable materials into fashion designs,
● Protects rainforests from deforestation by using natural fibres instead of petroleum-based products such as nylon or polyester,
● Often produced utilising more ethical labour practices and standards than conventional fashion,
● Designed to be more durable than fast-fashion pieces,
● Clothing lasts longer and needs to be replaced less frequently,
● Sustainable clothing tends to cost less than conventional clothing because it's made using less energy-intensive processes.

Thought Fashion At Sola Boutique, Bantry

Thought clothing is a London-based designer label that offers a sustainable, ethical alternative to fast fashion. The brand was founded in 1995 by Rachel and John, who have spent years working in the fashion industry.

Thought clothing makes ethical fashion easy to wear. Their designs are stylish, comfortable and made with the best materials available. So you can feel good about your purchase while looking and feeling great too.

According to Thought, “there’s always more to do”. This is why they continue to strive to deliver considered design, and responsible sourcing and to keep fostering change. They keep looking for ways to do more because small changes add up. At Sola Boutique, we’re sourcing more and more sustainable fashion lines for our customers. Another reason that Thought is a great fit for us, and for you.


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