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Sustainable Wardrobe Staples From Great Plains at Sola Boutique

February 26 2023 – Declan Clancy

Sustainable Wardrobe Staples From Great Plains at Sola Boutique

Sustainable Wardrobe Staples From Great Plains at Sola Boutique

Great Plains clothing is one of the newer fashion labels we have at Sola Boutique in Bantry. I first offered it to our customers this Autumn Winter season. It’s a firm favourite with our customers already and I’m looking forward to introducing them to more Great Plains looks. The speed with which the first looks were snapped up means it could be here to stay.

How I Choose Fashion Labels Like Great Plains For Sola Boutique

When sourcing new clothing labels for my customers I always look for labels that are stylish, but in a modern way. My customers want quality and value for money. Not an easy combination to find, but I relish the challenge. When I found Great Plains I knew right away that I had found something special.

Taking Steps To Sustainable Fashion

Not only is Great Plains stylish, modern, great quality and good value for money but it also has a brand promise of ‘Kinder Style’.  Sustainability is an important issue for our business and customers. That it also matters to Great Plains too is super. 

We now ask all of our Sola Boutique suppliers about their sustainable policies and how they are being implemented. Great Plains is very open about its processes and that’s something we value. 

I’m glad to report that Great Plains lives up to its kinder style promise. The brand already creates fantastic clothing with recycled fabrics and sustainably sourced materials. What I am impressed by is their commitment to doing more. Season by season they are increasing the use of recycled and sustainable materials. By 2022 they had already increased the amount of sustainably sourced materials they used by 35%. And they’re still increasing it!

What Are Sustainable Wardrobe Staples?

Sustainable wardrobe staples are two things. Firstly, they are items of clothing that are versatile and never go out of style. Think jeans, tops, skirts and trousers that reliably go with anything. This is what makes them ‘staples’. They are the items you can layer and match with the trends of the season.

Secondly, they are made with materials and processes that are environmentally friendly. Sustainable fashion also takes ethical and social factors into consideration. This includes the welfare of the environment and of the people producing the clothes.

More and more fashion labels - and providers like Sola Boutique in Bantry - are making the responsible move to become more sustainable.  This important move aims to save natural resources, save wildlife, pollute less and support safe and fair workplaces.

Great Plains Celebrates Comfort, Style and Premium Quality

Great Plains has achieved something that not many fashion labels can. It has become recognised for both its fashion-led designs and its staple wardrobe pieces.  It’s rare that a label does both so well. Great Plains creates clothes for the woman “who loves to experiment with contemporary fashion trends, but is not dictated by them”.

They achieve this with a focus on superior quality and a commitment to offering customers superb choices.  Great Plains’ staple wardrobe pieces focus on comfort, style and quality. They create premium quality basics specifically for the modern woman’s capsule wardrobe.  Basics that are so comfortable you won’t ever look back.

What’s wonderful about having a label that does basics as well as it does fashion savvy collections is the versatility. Great Plains has pieces that you will want to go out in, relax in, and also pieces for work. This is definitely a fashion label that understands what the modern woman wants from her wardrobe.

Great Plains is not only committed to becoming more sustainable but they are doing so with panache. Their fashion-led collections include soft embroidered tops made from post-consumer plastic bottles and recycled polyester. 

Flowing floral dresses made from wood and pulp derived from responsibly managed forests. As well as knitwear that is so cosy you won’t believe it’s made from a recycled plastic and wool mix. All these innovative approaches to creating sustainable clothing that makes you feel fantastic help prevent and reduce fashion’s environmental impact.  For me, that’s the definition of a win-win!

About Great Plains at Sola Boutique

Great Plains is the sister label of the world-famous French Connection brand and was launched in the UK in 1989. The Great Plains label has continued to create must-have collections of high quality basics alongside contemporary fashion-inspired styles ever since.

Great Plains' commitment to being kinder to the environment has impressed me. As well as the sustainable fabrics and materials they use, they have looked at their packaging, supply line, waste and more. This just shows how sincere they are in their commitment and I’m excited to bring them to you at Sola Boutique.