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Uplifting Timeless Fashion - Tinta & Bariloche at Sola Boutique, Bantry Ireland

March 15 2023 – Declan Clancy

Uplifting Timeless Fashion - Tinta & Bariloche at Sola Boutique, Bantry Ireland

Uplifting Timeless Fashion - Tinta & Bariloche at Sola Boutique, Bantry Ireland

Tinta and Bariloche is a fashion house I've been following closely for years now. Their clothing designs are always so striking, vibrant and modern that they are hard to ignore. And, with more than three decades of experience in fashion Tinta and Bariloche can be trusted to deliver every season. Their reliability and experience are one of the reasons I chose to stock them at Sola Boutique in Bantry. I know that every season there will be looks that are perfect for our customers. Looks that are made with quality fabrics and designed by a skilled eye.


Uplifting Colour For Everyone

Tinta and Bariloche are the perfect clothing brand for our customers who love to wear colour. This is a vibrant, uplifting fashion brand that knows how to use colours. The colour choices are always used in a way that is complementary and unique at the same time.

It’s clear that Tinta and Bariloche love to use bright colours, like orange and purple throughout the summer months. However, they use colour all year round in a way that makes their looks uplifting no matter the season. Importantly, they use colour in a way that is easy to wear. A way that appeals to everyone, from the bright and bold to the more reserved and traditional dresser.

Tinta and Bariloche embody fresh, feminine fashion and create looks that will keep you going through the year. There’s something about their style that puts an extra pep in your step.


Timeless Power Pieces

Tinta and Bariloche have been popular at Sola Boutique in Bantry for some time now. I'm always excited to see what striking looks they come up with each season. The combination of unexpected colours, interesting patterns and textures in each collection is what makes them unique.

Tinta and Bariloche’s colour combinations work well for all skin tones and will become the power piece of your wardrobe. Their looks are timeless and will last you season after season yet still keep you looking modern and fresh.

It goes without saying that Tinta and Bariloche have a great eye for detail, colour and design. Their clothes really are emboldening for the wearer, which is what makes them one of my favourite European clothing designers.


Comfortable Contemporary Clothing

Tinta and Bariloche is for everyone who loves contemporary clothing without sacrificing comfort or style. We particularly love their gorgeous basics with added hints of detail like lace, simple but clever fabric cuts and bravery. From their t-shirts to their trousers, you can rest assured that they have added a little bit of extra flourish. A little something to make you feel fantastic every day, yet comfortable in every way.

Likewise, Tinta and Bariloche have looks that will work for nearly every occasion. Smart sharp blazers, flowing dresses and sophisticated knitwear that is unbelievably comfortable.


A Commitment To Sustainability and The Slow Philosophy

Tinta and Bariloche are committed to overseeing all phases of their brand’s manufacturing.

Ensuring that their own eye for detail and quality is maintained throughout. They are also passionate about making sure that they ‘contribute to society’. Which they do by reducing the environmental impact and sourcing sustainably.

One thing that particularly resonated with me was their love of the Slow philosophy. A philosophy that believes in moving away from hurrying and rushing and towards a more delicate way of being. Followers of the philosophy believe that as we move through our days we should do so with care. Enjoying and appreciating each minute as we work or rest.

In a world full of technology and instant communication, I think it’s a philosophy I could get behind easily.


Tinta and Bariloche at Sola Boutique, Bantry

The story behind the Tinta and Bariloche brand is fascinating. It is designed by two women, who are sisters-in-law with a mutual love of fashion and an eye for style. It has always been important to them that their line could be worn by people from all walks of life.

The company originated in Madrid in Spain and still manufactures much of its clothing in the country. Surrounded by Spain’s history, vivacious culture, as well as beautiful scenery, it’s easy to see how they have been inspired.

The designers' inspiration comes from many different places including nature, architecture and art. In one interview, Tinta also spoke about how they are "inspired by tradition” and how the future motivates them. Wherever they find their inspiration, Tinta and Bariloche are highly skilled at finding beauty in simplicity too, which I love.