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December 20 2022 – Declan Clancy

No2moro clothing at Sola Boutique in Bantry

No2moro clothing at Sola Boutique in Bantry

I firmly believe that at the core of every wardrobe there should be items that form the foundation of every outfit. The beauty of having a core selection of wardrobe items is that they can be timeless. They form the base of your outfits and are therefore exempt from trends. That's not to say though that they should be exempt from style.

When it comes to choosing core wardrobe pieces, I recommend looking for items made by skilled designers with quality fabrics. This is why I have chosen the timeless Irish fashion brand No2moro for Sola Boutique. Now available instore in Bantry and from our online store.

About No2moro At Sola Boutique, Bantry

No2moro is an exclusively Irish designed ladies’ brand which can be bought online or in-store at Sola Boutique. It is a brand designed for the style conscious lady with an eye for cut, quality, and something special.

What’s wonderful about this brand is that all No2moro products are manufactured in small family workshops. This ensures quality production of a quality product with a closer eye on detail.

Judy Blennerhassett is the designer behind No2moro and I have worked with her since I opened Sola Boutique in 2010. Not only is Judy involved from design to production, but she stays in contact with us constantly. Judy likes to ensure that she is bringing a product to our customers that is wearable and enjoyed. Every season No2moro at Sola boutique sells out quickly as the quality for the price is unmatched.

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Luxury Timeless Fashion

Timeless fashion items are the classic silhouettes, fabrics and styles that never go out of fashion. At No2moro the designers go one step further with timeless fashion to bring ‘timeless luxury’ to your outfits.

Designed in a studio overlooking the Irish Sea, No2moro is a family run Irish clothing brand designed with purpose. The No2moro family have combined their years of fashion experience to create high quality wardrobe essentials. Perfect for forming your wardrobe core.

The beauty of having luxury core pieces in your wardrobe is that they are trans-seasonal. From summer to winter your looks will be effortless and chic, no matter the weather or occasion.

Luxury Irish Creations For Your Wardrobe Core

Core Wardrobe Tops

Every wardrobe core needs classic camisoles, also known as camis or singlets, in a selection of neutral shades. Camisoles are one of the most versatile fashion items you can own. Layer them under sheer tops or with bold blazers. Tuck them into jeans or your favourite skirt.

No2moro camisoles are both elegant and practical and the epitome of a timeless essential. Cleverly, No2moro camisoles look like silk but are designed to be easier to look after. You can even wash them at 30 degrees.

Ideal for a wardrobe staple that will be used time and again. We love the No2moro camisoles at Sola Boutique as they can be worn in so many ways each season. Pair one with jeans for a casual summer look or dress one up with layers and woollens for winter.

Core Wardrobe Jeans

There isn’t a wardrobe in Ireland without a favourite pair of jeans and that’s because they are so adaptable. Jeans are the universal core wardrobe essential for everyone.

What we love are jeans that are made with a little extra thought and maybe even a twist. No2moro delivers on both fronts. At our boutique in Bantry, we’ve also been impressed by just how well No2moro jeans hold their shape.

When choosing core jeans for your wardrobe, look for jeans that are flattering and versatile. The aim is to find the ideal pair to dress up with chunky heels or to wear casually with flats.

To add a little extra to your core wardrobe items, look out for small extra flourishes. With jeans, this could be a braided pocket trim or any other detail that makes the jeans a little bit different.

Core Wardrobe Knitwear

Realistically in Ireland, knitwear is a must, sometimes even in summer. Luckily, No2moro has knitwear you will want to wear all year round. We adore jumpers from No2moro and so do our customers. Knitwear is a wardrobe essential, again, because of its versatility. No2moro knitwear is no exception, their knitwear range combines timeless fashion with the softest quality yarn.

When it comes to selecting the best knitwear for your wardrobe core, look for two colour options. One should be a block colour, perhaps with subtly contrasting colours on the trims and the other should be patterned. The block colour will mix well with patterned skirts and just about any outfit type. Whereas the patterned piece can be used to dress up trousers or jeans.

Never be afraid to play with textures. With knitwear, there are so many texture variables that add interest to an outfit. You could argue that textured knitwear is part of our heritage with the rib, cable and Aran stitches all originating here.

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