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Zilch Clothing At Sola Boutique Ireland

November 18 2022 – Sola Boutique Bantry Admin

Zilch Clothing At Sola Boutique Ireland

Zilch Clothing At Sola Boutique Ireland

‘Colour Your Day’ - that’s the motto of the Dutch fashion brand Zilch. A motto they live up to with every season’s collection of fresh fun looks.  From their feminine puff sleeve orange sweaters to their striking use of prints - we’ve fallen hard for Zilch clothing. This is a fashion brand that knows how to expertly make colour chic and they’re not afraid to prove it.

At Sola Boutique in Bantry - Cork, we have picked our top looks from Zilch - now available to buy in-store and online. We’ve added Zilch clothing to our handpicked selection of ladies' fashion to bring funky bright looks to our customers.  And, they’ve been snapping up our choices of Zilch basic block colours and patterned must-haves ever since.


Colourful Clothing

Colour adds confidence and there’s no doubt about it! We love to help our customers pick out outfits that make them feel powerful and energetic at our Cork boutique. Our go-to looks for adding colour for any occasion always include Zilch clothing. Ireland’s fashion lovers aren’t afraid of colour or patterns, which I think is a part of our fun-loving nature.

Zilch is all about colour. For them, it’s the ‘key’ to what they do. Their looks are timeless yet fresh with truly flattering feminine details. Not to mention the extraordinary comfort levels. With Zilch in your wardrobe, you will always be guaranteed to have an outfit that makes you feel great.

Right now, at Sola, we have some of the best Zilch basics and favourites. Buy Zilch online and we’ll deliver to anywhere in Ireland.


How To Wear Zilch Colours

Zilch is a clothing brand that stood out to me because of its commitment to courageous colour.  I adore their use of block colours and patterns. One of the great things about Zilch is that you can mix and match their looks.

Take a wool skirt in a vibrant Azure and mix it with a colourfully patterned blouse for work or socialising. Layer up their colourful creations with bright long-sleeve sweaters (in oh-so-soft yarns), bamboo accessories, jacquard patterns and colours that pop! Or, perhaps you’d prefer to start with monochrome basics that you can work colour in with as you get braver.

Whatever your comfort level with colour, there is a Zilch outfit that will make you feel amazing.


Future Friendly Fashion At Sola Boutique

Some of our customers are interested in sustainable fashion and we’re happy to say that Zilch is ahead of the pack.  Each Zilch collection has a focus on using natural materials and they add even more sustainable materials as they go. These include:


Also known as organic cotton, eco-cotton is grown without the use of chemicals such as pesticides which are environmentally harmful. Eco-cotton growers also use less water and work to preserve soil quality.


Tencel® is a light fabric and is biodegradable, unlike many manmade fabrics. In production, it uses less water and fewer chemicals than traditional fabric. Making it a sustainable fashion favourite.


Often people are surprised to hear that many manmade fabrics are made of wood. Eco-viscose and Tencel (above) are two such fabrics. The reason Eco-viscose is considered sustainable is that the wood used comes from sustainable sources. This includes certified forest schemes.

These are just three of the sustainable fabrics used by Zilch as they are dedicated to adding more and more.  Their wonderfully soft bio-cotton knitwear is another one as it is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards. Meaning you can be sure that the wool is traceable and produced with care.

Even their basics are future-proofed. Their Bamboo Basics are a range of accessories and wardrobe stables made from at least 80% bamboo. Bamboo fabrics are soft and silky and perfect for lasting wardrobe pieces.

As a Cork-based boutique, we’re only too familiar with the need for sustainable fashion. Yet another reason we’re glad to have Zilch clothing in Ireland and for sale online.


About Zilch at Sola Boutique Cork

Based in Amsterdam, Zilch was founded in the ‘80s by Gabriel Thissen as a vintage fashion shop. From there Thissen designed popular women’s silk blouses. Fast forward to now and Zilch is a family-run business that includes his nieces and nephews.

Zilch has a core commitment to colourful and future-friendly fashion. Combining both to create comfortable, flattering, collections that Ireland will adore.

For advice on what Zilch colours will suit your complexion or style best, call into Sola Boutique in Bantry. Alternatively, shop online and pop Sola an email for tips.