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Mos Mosh - Now Online and Instore At Sola Boutique, Bantry

November 07 2022 – Sola Boutique Bantry Admin

Mos Mosh - Now Online and Instore At Sola Boutique, Bantry

Mos Mosh - Now Online and Instore At Sola Boutique, Bantry

At Sola boutique, Cork, we are always on the lookout for brands that our local and online customers will love. One of our favourites has to be the very chic Danish clothing label Mos Mosh.  Mos Mosh creates incredible flattering looks and it’s evident that they put their heart into everything they do. 

For us, it’s important that our labels match our ethos and your style. Mos Mosh does just that. They strive to be the best, in every way. To make sure every garment is perfect.

Bringing Mos Mosh to my customers in West Cork was an easy decision for me. As they complement the intentions that Sola Boutique is built on. I give this local boutique in Cork my all. I am constantly ensuring our shop floor is easy to navigate and I source only the highest quality labels.  Now that Sola Boutique offers Mos Mosh in Ireland you can shop Mos Mosh online or in our Cork boutique.


Why We Love Mos Mosh Jeans

Sola Boutique is about quality casual wear and a great-fitting pair of jeans is the key to stylish casual looks. It can be difficult to get soft denim that fits well as many jeans now have a lot of stretch.  The problem that many people find with stretch is that the jeans can lose shape. 

Mos Mosh jeans have just the right amount of stretch and as a result, they are a great (lasting) fit. I love these jeans and I know our customers do too.  Mos Mosh jeans have become THE ‘jeans buy’ for our customers. They come back season after season to re-buy Sola’s selection of jeans from Mos Mosh online and in-store.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they soon become the favourite jeans in the country as we’ve shipped Mos Mosh Ireland-wide.

What’s great about Mos Mosh jeans is that they have different fits, lengths, and different washes.  Our boutique in Cork offers this variety of Mos Mosh too, online and in-store. After all, we’re all different shapes, heights and sizes.

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Mos Mosh High Quality Fashion Essentials

Another thing about Mos Mosh that Ireland’s fashion lovers will appreciate is the high degree of quality. Like us, Mos Mosh believes that only high quality will do when it comes to your wardrobe.

Mos Mosh clothing is luxurious yet practical.  The cut of their classics is beautifully mastered. Creating products that add richness to any wardrobe. Mos Mosh has the wardrobe staples that will make any outfit stand out with its stamp of fashion made well.


Flattering Wardrobe Staples

Mos Mosh is Ireland's new go-to label, for sure.  They started out with jeans but have since expanded, introducing blouses, tops and beautiful knitwear. We love their knitwear pieces and carry a great collection of them. Mos Mosh knitwear’s high content of wool and alpaca ensures that it is soft and warm and wears really well

I love helping our customers style new outfits with Mos Mosh. They always remark on how it feels first and then spot a little fun twist they hadn’t expected. Whether our customers are shopping Mos Mosh online or in-store with us, I’m always happy to make recommendations.


Sustainable Fashion From Mos Mosh at Sola Boutique Cork

As we all know clothing impacts climate change, this is another reason I like working with Mos Mosh. Mos Mosh is made with care.

Mos Mosh is working hard to change many things in its business to create more sustainable fashion. They use organic and BCI cotton as well as recycled polyester. They also use other fibres sourced from sustainable forests and actively reduce the water used in production. I think this is another thing that will make a hit Mos Mosh in Ireland as we’re an eco-conscious country.

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About Mos Mosh - Ireland’s New Favourite Label

Something that really struck me about Mos Mosh is that it is completely unlike any of the fast fashion or big fashion brands. Mos Mosh was started by one man sitting at the kitchen counter in his home. Here, he created a small collection of just seven pairs of jeans and pants and, from there, Mos Mosh was born.

Though their star is rising, Mos Mosh plans to stay true to their beginnings. They say, “No matter how fast the MOS MOSH train is going, they stay true to their DNA and humble principles”. Something I agree with wholeheartedly for Sola.